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In the 2020 presidential election, career Democrat Joe Biden took the eleven electoral college votes in Arizona, a state located in the south of the United States. The race against former President Donald Trump was extremely close, with Biden winning 49.4% of the vote and Trump with 49%. In addition to this historic result, Arizona has been the scene of other important electoral changes, such as the victory of Democrat Katie Hobbs for the state governorship ...



Grupos latinos nos EUA pedem que a Univision, uma importante rede de língua espanhola, resolva questões de cobertura eleitoral

Latino groups in the U.S. are Calling on Univision, a major Spanish-language network, to address election coverage concerns

27/11/2023 21:35 | Editores

UnidosUS, the nation’s largest Latino advocacy and civil rights organization, joined four of the largest Latino-led organizations to sign a letter in response to Univision’s Nov. 7 interview wit...

Imigrantes sem documentação legal há décadas nos EUA pedem autorizações de trabalho a Biden

Immigrants who have been undocumented for decades in the U.S. ask Biden for work permits

27/11/2023 21:28 | Editores

In the United States, there is a great reaction from undocumented immigrants, particularly of Mexican origin, to the Biden administration's recent decision to grant work permits to newly arrived Ve...

O governador texano Greg Abbott declarou apoio a Donald Trump nas eleições em 2024

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared support for Donald Trump in the 2024 election

27/11/2023 21:16 | Editores

Texas Governor Greg Abbott endorsed Donald Trump’s campaign to return to the White House during an event at the Texas-Mexico border. During the speech in Edinburgh, Abbott expressed the need to h...

Legisladores do Texas aprovam projeto de lei que permite à polícia prender pessoas que cruzam a fronteira ilegalmente

Texas legislators approve bill allowing police to arrest people who cross the border illegally

19/11/2023 00:09 | Editores

The Texas House of Representatives on Tuesday passed immigration bills that would allocate more than $1.5 billion for additional border barriers and make illegal crossing of the Texas-Mexico border ...

Nova resolução é apresentada para expulsar o deputado republicano George Santos do Congresso

New resolution is introduced to expel Republican Congressman George Santos from Congress

19/11/2023 00:02 | Editores

The situation involving Republican Congressman Michael Guest, chairman of the Ethics Committee of the United States House, has gained prominence in the American media. On Friday, Congressman Guest f...

A maioria dos eleitores da Califórnia desaprova o desempenho de Biden pela primeira vez

Majority of California voters disapprove of Biden’s performance for the first time

18/11/2023 23:57 | Editores

The poll from the University of California, Berkeley, reveals that a majority of Californians now disapprove of President Joe Biden's job performance. According to the data, 52% of Californians...


Grammy Latino 2023: vencedores e momentos memoráveis do show na Espanha

Latin Grammys 2023: winners and memorable moments from the show in Spain

27/11/2023 21:07 | Editores

For the first time, the 24th Latin Grammy Awards ceremony was held outside the U.S. in Seville, Spain. Actor and presenter Antonio Banderas welcomed the Spanish audience, marking a successful night for female artis...

Os avanços em saúde no câncer infantil são um sucesso, mas esses avanços estagnaram para negros e latinos nos EUA

Health advances in childhood cancer are a success, but those advances have stalled for Blacks and Latinos in the U.S.

27/11/2023 21:01 | Editores

There is a troubling stagnation in advances in childhood cancer treatment for black and Latino/Hispanic youth in the United States, resulting in a gap in mortality rates, according to a recent report by  t...

A Hispanic Access Foundation propõe capacitar líderes latinos a combater as mudanças climáticas

The Hispanic Access Foundation proposes to empower Latino leaders to fight climate change

18/11/2023 23:44 | Editores

The Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF) is committed to conserving waterways, combating climate change, and empowering Latino communities in the United States to address these issues. In an interview with The Lati...

Os estudantes negros e latinos dos EUA estão em desvantagem em quase todas as oportunidades educacionais

Black and Latino U.S. students are at a disadvantage in almost every educational opportunity

18/11/2023 22:47 | Editores

The U.S. Department of Education has released data revealing substantial disadvantages for black and Latino students on nearly every measure of educational opportunity, according to the Associated Press. The Civil R...

Há um aumento dos crimes de ódio nos EUA, incluindo aqueles contra os latinos

There is a rise in hate crimes in the US, including those against Latinos

15/11/2023 13:10 | Editores

A recent publication by NBC News highlights the increase in hate crimes imputed against the Latino community in the United States from the account of Deborah Anchondo, a woman from El Paso, Texas, who continues...

Mais de 1 em cada 4 estadunidenses será latino até 2060, segundo projeções do Census Bureau

Over than 1 in 4 Americans will be Latino by 2060, according to Census Bureau projects

15/11/2023 13:02 | Editores

Recent projections released by the  U.S. Census Bureau on U.S. demographics show that Latinos/Hispanics currently make up about 19.1 percent of the U.S. population, and projections indicate that this numbe...




07/05/2023 10:23 | Beatriz Zanin de Moraes

Last Wednesday (26), students from the International Relations course at UNESP in Marília and the Facultad de Contaduría y Administración at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) held an online me...


Édgar Barrera

Édgar Barrera

27/11/2023 21:11 | Editores

Édgar Barrera is an American songwriter, producer, and musician based in Miami, Florida. Barrera, also known as Edge, has achieved a total of 22 Latin Grammy Awards and 1 Grammy Award, standing out as “Producer ...

Miguel Cardona

Miguel Cardona

18/11/2023 23:48 | Editores

Miguel Angel Cardona, born July 11, 1975, is an American educator and currently holds the position of United States Secretary of Education in President Joe Biden's administration since 2021. A member of the Democra...

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny

15/11/2023 13:14 | Editores

Born as Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio in 1994 in Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny has made a name for himself on the music scene with his Spanish-language songwriting and performances, defying the trend of some artists cho...

Dunia Elvir

Dunia Elvir

07/11/2023 09:32 | Editores

Dunia Elvir is the anchor of the nightly news program “Noticiero Telemundo 52” in Los Angeles, highlighting her journey from her origin in Honduras to her career in journalism and her commitment to the commun...

Michelle Lujan Grisham

Michelle Lujan Grisham

01/11/2023 14:12 | Editores

Michelle Lujan Grisham has served as the 32nd governor of the state of New Mexico since 2019 and is a member of the Democratic Party. Lujan Grisham had a remarkable political career before taking office as govern...

Miguel Angel Cardona

Miguel Angel Cardona

24/10/2023 19:38 | Editores

Miguel Angel Cardona is an American educator who currently holds the position of United States Secretary of Education in the Biden administration. The text describes his trajectory from the beginning of his career ...

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